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Welcome To Essayons!
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Tinkerfest and Guides

Wakela, Jul 22, 10 11:35 PM.
This is the 2nd year that the Gnomes have celebrated Tinkerfest since the Shattering.  This year it will run from July 23 until Aug 6.

I have found out a few things that might make your celebration more interesting.

First off, if you seem a bunch of gnomes gathering together in an area, start looking around for purple shinies (no goggles or anything special needed to see them) and !.  The ! are cogs that can be picked up and turned in for goodies from the merchant.  The purple shines are a collection that give you a house pet.

The main event will be taking place in Gnomeland Security in Steamfont Mountains.  If you are worried that you aren't strong enough to make it there on your own, you can take a portal straight to there from many of the Gnomish areas around Norrath.

The quests are repeatable.  There is good reason to repeat the quests.

If you complete Great Balls of Fire 5 times, you will receive a Cloak of Clockwork Dreams.  If you complete it 25 times, you will get the title "The Explosive"

If you complete Tinkerfest Cheer 25 times, you will get the title "the Deliverator"

For those that have tinkering as one of their skills, there is a recipe book that you can buy.  You will need cogs from ! to create the items.

There will also be guides on occasion giving out a special quest.  If you are lucky enough to see one online, don't forget to let your fellow guildies know.

And if you are wondering if there is a way to find out if a guide will be online, you can check out this forum that the Befallen Guides have set up.  Befallen Guides

The guild needs you!

Wakela, Jun 24, 10 10:06 AM.
We are looking to get a new guild hall.  However in order to do that we need a few things to happen.  Mainly we need to get working on gaining status.  You can do this by writs or heritage quests.

In the past, we had used the heritage quest tracker site in order to see who was on which step of the heritage quests.  It will help us to figure out how to best move forward with these quests.

EQ2 Heritage Quest Tracker

When you add your toons, you will need to select Essayons from the drop down box in order for everyone else to see where you are.  To get the guild password, send me an ingame mail or you can send me a message through this site.


A big thanks!

Wakela, Jun 13, 10 4:53 PM.
A big thanks goes out to Demonkid, Rekcals, and Tica for coming out to help Brusk, Shalana, and Wakela with finishing off Wurmslayer.

Happy Birthday Litter!!!

Wakela, Jun 5, 10 7:31 PM.
Essayons would like to say Happy Birthday to our favorite Kerran Paladin. 

Happy Birthday Litter!


Better Bandaides, May 23, 10 1:09 PM.
Alright....We officially have a guild page.  I will work on it here and there and may be putting up a standalone page in the future.  For now, enjoy!

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